Helios Area | Heliopolis Camping & Village

Helios Area | Heliopolis Camping & Village

Cottages, bungalows ad equipped camping pitches


Spacious and elegant, the Cottages within the Helios area can accommodate up to 8 people and guarantee a relaxing holiday. Find out all the details.


Our bungalows are nice and comfortable masonry structures, which can accommodate up to 5 people. Find out all the details.

Protected camping pitches Helios

Laminated wood structures with insulated roofs protect the pitches of the Helios area, which provide guests with the typical comforts of a village.

Find out all the details


We are ready to go!

..and working to guarantee you a holiday in total safety and relaxation!
From 18 June Heliopolis Camping & Village awaits you.. 
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