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Cerrano Tower

Among spectacular pine forests, white sand dunes and crystal clear sea, the Cerrano Park awaits us, a marine area bordered by seven kilometers of coast between the municipalities of Pineto and Silvi. Here stands the Torre di Cerrano, symbol of the park, one of the ancient coastal towers of the Kingdom of Naples that now houses a museum dedicated to the sea. Do not miss the ancient port of the city of Hadri, now submerged, which you can admire while snorkeling.

Protected Marine Area of Cerrano

A.M.P. Torre del Cerrano is established by decree of the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea of 21-10-2009, published in G.U. Rep. Italiana n.80 of 07-04-2010. It extends up to 3 nautical miles from the coast and develops for 7 km of which 2.5 km of sandy dune along the shore, from the mouth of the Calvano stream, which crosses the village of Pineto, to the center of Silvi, to the correspondence to the sea of the railway station.

Discover the historic charm that still emanates from the many ancient villages that can be admired in this area.  Immersed in the green or on the coast of the Trabocchi, let’s explore some of the most beautiful villages of Abruzzo.

The Village of Castelli

A small medieval village in the province of Teramo, located on a spur, between cliffs and woods, at the foot of Gran Sasso.  A so fascinating place to join the city of Castelli club of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Its production of ceramics, which originated in the Middle Ages, is very famous all over the world.  Do not miss the ceiling of the church of San Donato, defined by Carlo Levi in 1963 “the Sistine chapel of majolica”.

Town of Atri

Atri is a picturesque hilltop town located in Abruzzo, known for its fascinating combination of history, art and natural beauty. This ancient resort overlooking the Adriatic Sea is rich in charm and culture, offering visitors a wide range of experiences. You can stroll through the cobbled streets of its well-preserved old town, admiring ancient churches, historic buildings and breathtaking panoramic views.

Sulmona: the Confetti Town

Located in the beautiful valley of Val Peligna, Sulmona is surrounded by mountains and offers many ideas of environmental and artistic interest. An unmissable stop is the shops of confetti, famous and appreciated all over the world.

The Fortress of Civitella del Tronto

The village and the Fortress of Civitella del Tronto are part of the Club of the most beautiful villages in Italy and is an excellent and unmissable destination to visit. Civitella is one of the most important works of military engineering made on Italian soil, as well as a charming village, full of churches and breathtakings views. Inside the Fortress you can also enjoy the Museum of Weapons.

Hermitage of Sant'Onofrio al Morrone

A religious building located on the slopes of the homonymous mountain, near Sulmona, dating from the thirteenth century, which preserves the memory of Peter Angelerio, the hermit friar who lived there and who became Pope in 1294 with the name of Celestine V and then saint. The place of worship is the destination of pilgrimages and propitiatory rites.

Explore Abruzzo with Our Excursions

Your holiday in Pineto, in Abruzzo, is the perfect choice if you are looking for relaxation, quality and fun. Pineto offers numerous opportunities for excursions, both along the coast and in the surrounding green hills. This region is rich in history, religious and artistic points of interest, as well as spectacular natural beauty. The beauty of Abruzzo is that  you can go from the sea to the mountains in just an hour by car.

Just 10 km from Pineto is Atri, known as the “Queen of the hills of Abruzzo”, and this charming town holds an incredible underground heritage that you can discover through a tour. An experience that will take you to discover the hidden wonders of the ancient city of water:

Take advantage of your holiday to discover Abruzzo in all its beauty. Explore beautiful villages, pristine natural landscapes, towering mountain peaks, lakes, caves, nature reserves and much more. Here are some of our recommended itineraries:

Cerrano Adventure Park

At Cerrano Adventure Park , located in a beautiful forest a few steps from the sea, you can immerse yourself in an exciting experience. Here, you can practice agility courses suspended in the trees, suitable for both children who want to have fun and adults looking for a challenge to test their skills.

Sanctuary of Saint Gabriel

The sanctuary of San Gabriele dell’Addolorata, at the foot of the Gran Sasso d’Italia, is a famous pilgrimage destination among young people. Visited by Pope John Paul II and Joseph Ratzinger, it hosts two significant events: one in March, where students from Abruzzo and the Marche gather to pray for the success of the state exam.

Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park

The Park is located in the heart of the Apennines and extends over three regions: Abruzzo, Lazio and Marche. Its geographical position, the height of the mountains and its geology, mean that the park is inhabited by an extraordinary wealth of animal and plant species, as well as a unique variety of landscapes. It also contains three mountain groups – the Gran Sasso d’Italia chain, the Laga massif, the Gemini Mountains, with the presence of the highest peak of the Apennines, the Corno Grande, 2912 meters.

Natural Reserve
of La Camosciara

The Natural Reserve “La Camosciara”, is one of the most famous parts of the National Park of Abruzzo and was created to protect in particular the Abruzzan  Chamois and the Marsican bears. Also present in the area are the Apennine wolf, deer, roe deer and golden eagle. You can take various paths to discover the Reserve on foot, by bike or even by train! The train allows you to visit the incredible landscape in a different way, without disturbing the wildlife.

Regional Natural Reserve
Gorges of Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Gorges Regional Nature Reserve is a WWF Oasis to be discovered on foot. Here the erosion of the waters of the Sagittarius River has created a spectacular canyon that also offers shelter to the Marsican bears, wolves and hawks. The area covers about 400 hectares and admission is free and free.

The largest natural lake in Abruzzo: the Scanno Lake

The Scanno Lake is the largest natural basin in Abruzzo and is renowned for its special heart-shape. Here you can practice various sports such as canoeing, pedal boats, birdwatching, but it is also an ideal place for picnics or barbecues or just lying on its shores to relax or sunbathe. For the little ones there are swings and games.

Barrea Lake

Barrea Lake, nestled among the majestic peaks of the Apennines, is located in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. This place offers a myriad of paths immersed in natural beauty, ideal for hiking or cycling. Its creation dates back to the 1950s when it was artificially built by building a dam at the mouth of Barrea, blocking the course of the Sangro River. During a trip to the region, a visit to Lake Barrea is a must.

Vasto and the Trabocchi Coast

An itinerary not to be missed is the one that starts from Vasto and crosses the Trabocchi Coast in Abruzzo. One of the most beautiful and fascinating stretches of coastline. The area is rich in so-called “Trabocchi”, curious buildings on stilts, real fishing machines that would be attributed to the Phoenicians. Many Trabocchi have been restored and some of them house restaurants. Going south lies Vasto, famous for being one of the most artistic towns of Abruzzo.


Mountain Bike Trails

Abruzzo, with its natural parks, is the ideal place for mountain bikers. Explore paths and dirt roads, discovering ancient villages, villages that keep alive the traditions and breathtaking views.

In addition, right at the exit of our village, you will find a bike path of 8 km that runs along the sea, taking you through an unspoilt landscape with views of the surrounding hills.

Bike path "BIKE TO COAST"

Camping Village Heliopolis is fortunate to have direct access to the “Bike to Coast,” a magnificent 131-kilometre-long trail. This unique cycling route crosses the green streets of the Adriatic, offering an exceptional cycling experience. Cycling along this route, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the pearls of the Adriatic coast, including beautiful beaches, beautiful pine forests, protected nature reserves and picturesque coastal villages.

E-bike Itineraries

The Camping Village Heliopolis offers to all its guests a discount of -10% for Ciclo Escursionismo Abruzzo, an activity that deals with e-bike excursions (bike with pedal assist) in the Terre Del Cerrano.  Discover these unforgettable excursions that combine sport, nature and fun.  E-bikes are the best way to explore the heritage of these areas while respecting its silence and reaching new places safely, as well as being within everyone’s reach.

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